New Website for Ian Walker

New Website for Ian Walker

Priorities in Business and deadlines sometimes make us forget the detail of running a business.

I’m always called up by businesses offering different solutions that will revolutionise my accountancy business and / or generate more sales conversions and over the years I’ve come to ignore most but am always a sucker for the occasional offer. Websites have been one of those….

Ian Walker Accountant Website

It wasn’t until recently that I realised I had 2 websites running promoting my business and both providers taking a hefty chunk out of my bank account each month. I’d obviously lost track of the detail when under pressure to meet deadlines.

Both sites had past the best so I recruited one of my clients to develop the new site and stop the old two competing against each other.

Anyway, I’m back under fine control and I hope you like the new website.

Developed by Corelli Solutions Ltd of Penarth

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